Air Travel: The Glamour Days

By Holly Crouch

Air Travel #StyleInsight

In the modern day when you hear the words 'aeroplane travel' your mind is likely to start flashing with images of four am starts, standing in the check-in queue for an hour or two, cramped seating with little or no leg room, ears popping and a full bladder because you can't work out if the tiny toilet that you can't turn around in is vacant or not. It seems a world away to the fifties when air travel was considered a glamorous and prestigious event that only the few could afford. The budget airlines that most of us are accustomed to make it hard to imagine a time when aeroplanes were small, had plenty of leg room and only a handful of passengers, but whilst the experience of travelling by plane may have changed, if you're anything like me you'll still consider it a very exciting thing to do, if only because it normally marks the official start of your holiday.

If you're hopping on a plane this summer then the Arndale have all of your flying essentials covered so that you'll be glamorous (but comfortable!) and you'll be able to add a hint of that fifties glamour back into your flight to remind you of those good old days and make sure your holiday gets off to a great start :)

image one

Maxi Dresses

A maxi dress is the perfect outfit for aeroplane travelling because you'll look and feel stylish with the feminine, flowing shape of the dress, but you'll also be comfortable without the worry of a waistband digging into your tummy or fabric sticking to your legs. A cropped denim jacket will be the perfect companion to keep you warm for that early England start or if the air con is blasting out on the plane, and you can also easily whip it off once the hot foreign air hits you. Pop it in your hand luggage so that you're not overheating before you've even collected your bags! A maxi dress can also be re-worn on your holiday for a day of sight-seeing or a night of cocktails, so you'll have one less outfit to squeeze into that low suitcase allowance!

image two

Printed Jogger Trousers

If you're more comfortable in trousers then a pair of printed joggers will be your best friend on an aeroplane. The floral Wallis silk trousers photographed above offer the perfect touch of glamour whilst embodying the sports luxe trend so you'll be bang on trend but feel like you're wearing pyjama bottoms. If you're after something a little more colourful to kick start your holiday spirit then opt for the Select trousers also photographed above; they have a stretchy waistband which makes them super comfortable and allows plenty of room for snacks (a.k.a. the ultimate way to make flying more enjoyable!)

image three


Aeroplane travelling involves a lot of walking (why does Gatwick have to be so blooming big?!) so comfort is an absolute must. The Primark beauties pictured above show how flat shoes can be fun and stylish with a simple chain detail, whilst the River Island loafers will feel like you're wearing slippers but the buckle and suede inspired fabric will keep you looking super glamorous. Shoes are the most important item to get right in your travelling ensemble as you want to be able to re-wear them on your holiday so that you'll have fewer pairs weighing down your suitcase (both options mentioned are day or night appropriate), plus you'll need something pretty to look at when you're staring at your squished legs and dreaming of stretching out on a sun lounger!

image four


One of the most stressful aspects of aeroplane travel is the worry that your luggage will get lost or put on the wrong plane. Depending on the length of your holiday, a simple way of avoiding this panic is to take a cabin sized suitcase on the plane with you instead so that you know your belongings are safe (plus it'll save you both time and money!).

If a cabin sized case is too small for you then you could also check in a large case but put your essentials in the smaller case so that if you are unlucky enough to lose your luggage you won't be stuck with only one pair of knickers! If you'd rather opt for a simple bag for your hand luggage then River Island have you covered with their stylish totes; they'll sit comfortably on your shoulder and are the perfect size and fabric for you to cram in all your essentials without the fear of the strap breaking. However, they aren't so big that your shoulder will feel like it's breaking whilst you're waiting for your passport to be checked and your suitcase to be safely back in your hands. The shape and style of these tote bags means they could double as a beach bag too, leaving more room in your suitcase for that extra bottle of sun cream!

Bon voyage!

Holly x